Who is Third Sun Solar?

Third Sun Solar is the premier full-service provider of clean energy systems in the Midwest. We deliver consistent value for our clients and partners, and we sustain this practice with skill, talent, enthusiasm, and a devoted workforce that believes in our mission: to accelerate the growth of clean energy solutions for the good of us all.

We are a woman-owned business, recognized as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) through the state of Ohio’s Unified Certification Program. We are EDGE-certified and federal HUBzone-certified.

What Our Customers Say

Having solar installed on our horse barn was the easiest project we’ve ever done here. The work was smooth, the crew was courteous, they cleaned up after themselves every day. We were very happy with the way the work was handled, and now we have brand-new solar panels making power on our barn!

[With our 19th-century house undergoing a complete renovation] We’ve had disasters from the other work that I had to clean up (one took two weeks), and I’m ready to pull my hair out. Honestly, the only thing that went well was the solar. Even though the yard got messed up, you took care of it, and even though there was a problem with the system, you guys caught it.There was good communication between you and your crews, and between us and you. I sensed only respect toward us from your entire crew.

I am very happy with the system and the installation process.  I don’t normally hire anything out but I have to say this project has exceeded my expectations.  Congratulations to you, the crew, and everyone at Third Sun Solar.

“Our solar system is great! We had backup power through that entire 8-day outage [after Hurricane Ike plowed through Cincinnati in Sept 2008]. We had friends over playing poker and hanging out and eating and we never ran out of power. And best of all, it was entirely quiet! All our neighbors were running noisy generators, but our system kept our lights on without any noise whatsoever. All our friends couldn’t believe it.” [Please note: this customer has solar with battery backup.]

We used Third Sun Solar. I have had a very positive experience with their installation and plan to have them expand my 4.5 Kilowatt solar array on my home to 6.5 Kilowatts since I now charge my new Chevrolet Volt auto with my solar panels. The cost comparison to drive my car is 0.80 cents of electricity to go 35 miles on the battery and then a gasoline engine/generator takes over if needed for a 300 mile trip range. The cost is 0.80 cents versus $3.50+ / gallon of gasoline at the pump to go 35 miles.


Tomorrow marks the 1st anniversary of our system going online!  Couldn’t be happier with the performance.  We’re currently on track for nearly 10,500 kWh for the year! [The average Ohio home uses 11,000 kilo-watt hours per year–editor.]

We have used many contractors at this building — we have completed numerous renovations and a major expansion — and Third Sun Solar was the most user-friendly contractor we ever used. The whole process was very easy. My staff is very pleased.”

Well, I kept it up for a year — keeping track of daily readings. Some are interpolated (the daily use) but the aggregate data and trends are right on. As you can see, we over performed projections every month with the notable exceptions of December, January, February. Even in rainy rain July, we eked out a net plus on your production projections.

Looks like we are net positive (on a monthly basis) except for November – February so we’ll get “free” heat in early fall and through the spring. In the dead of winter we will continue to supplement with oil.

I know that not all years will be as sunny as the last, but just wanted to let you know that you under-promised and over delivered.

Guys, thanks for a great experience. I cannot express how satisfied we are with the whole transaction, from the beginning to the end. Your team of installers was super. Very professional, courteous, and efficient. We have had numerous questions from neighbors about how it all works. Linda and I would have no problem in highly recommending your company. Super job, now just get AEP there soon so we can throw the switch!!!

We can’t describe adequately what a great crew we found you all to be. The guys at the house were so professional, efficient, tidy, and friendly. We have enjoyed meeting ALL the staff at Third Solar–feel like we made new friends! Thank you for the great service.

C.R., Ohio residential customer

My Third Sun Solar system is still cranking after 7 years and 3 weeks of operation.  Last year I had a record output, with over 6171 kWh in 2012, and 41628 kWh total on 7th anniversary of the install. The system has required no maintenance with zero maintenance cost. People who talk to me always ask about that, especially when they know how “old” my system is.

I just walked the site with your Project Manager and the project looks terrific! Everything went really well, despite all the challenges; I hope we can expand upon this and do more business together. I have to say that your Project Manager was extremely professional and courteous. He represents your firm in an incredibly positive way.

Neil K., our friend and neighbor, is so pleased with the system you installed on his home that he has encouraged us to get a solar power system! (I always listen to Neil.) We think solar is an environmentally wise and potentially money-saving idea. Plus, we’re not that fond of our utility provider…

Our commercial operations team is very familiar with Third Sun Solar and have a great deal of respect for their expertise. It seems like you’ve partnered with the right team to bring your project to completion.

The process of going solar was very smooth for us, and our first system produced exactly the power we expected. Once we went through the process, we had great confidence about doing it again, and adding more solar. It’s been a great experience.

T.S., Osborne Coinage, Cincinnati

The positive business impact from our tiny, street-side 3-kilowatt solar canopy has been far larger than the 3kW of electricity it generates.

C.S., Schmidt Associates Architects, Indianapolis

Tim Dunning is, in my opinion, the Third Sun Solar Energy Ambassador to Central Ohio, The New Albany Schools teachers and students, and to my family. I have confidence in Third Sun Solar because of the professionalism, technical knowledge, and his willingness to donate his time to our Environmental Science Teachers and Studies. Tim is passionate about Solar Energy and a consummate salesperson and highly qualified technician for your company.

B.R., Teacher, New Albany Schools

First, I want to comment on the [Third Sun Solar] crew. They were professional and a delight to work with. And they finished the solar panel installation a day before they had figured.

J.N., Homeowner, Franklin County OH

I have believed in global warming since I was a child “Weekly Reader” 45 years ago. I always wanted to do something and I have – recycling everything I can, buying a hybrid car and finally the solar panels.

V. L. Homeowner, Florence, Kentucky

The staff at Third Sun was professional and prompt in their information and preparation, and the installation of our solar panel and windmill was quick, and done in a very professional manner that did not disrupt our daily process, or instruction.

Tri-County High School, Wolcott, Indiana

My goal of “going green” was achieved this year with the installation of my Solar PV grid tied system. Third Sun provided a well-designed system that has exceeded my expectations for both performance and aesthetic compatibility. Their attention to detail and care was evident throughout the installation process. I would urge anyone considering a solar project to consult with Third Sun FIRST.

T. N. Homeowner, Cincinnati, Ohio

Geoff and his staff with Third Sun provided the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks with the best and lowest bid for constructing a Bergey windmill for the Glacier Ridge Metro Park. Third Sun was awarded the contract and provided professional technical expertise. The project was competed on time and within budget. Geoff assisted our staff with training of the system and continues to support the projects educational message to the public.

S. S. Glacier Ridge Metro Park, Columbus, OH

Geoff was instrumental in the installation at Streetsboro (school) and many other public and private renewable applications in the Ohio area. He is not only a contractor but an authority in the area of renewable energy applications. Although they are located in southern Ohio his company is broad coverage and support that you would expect as a leader in the business.

R. R. Honeywell, Inc., Northern Ohio

Third Sun installation was prompt, convenient and expertly done. The house was producing power for the contractor long before the house was finished.

R. M. Homeowner, Albany, Ohio

It has been a delight to work with you on the installation of the PV system on Earth Connection, our environmental learning center. In spite of rain, the workshop was a wonderful learning experience for all. The competent and pleasant manner in which you helped see us through the ‘glitches’ due to equipment failure (manufacturer’s warranty issues) were much appreciated. We will recommend you to all who visit us and experience the wonder of solar power.

P.G. Sisters of Charity, College of Mt. St. Joseph, Cincinnati, Ohio

I give the highest recommendation I can, everything was very professional. Thanks for such a great job.

P. S, Cope Environmental Center, Indiana

Third Sun Solar provided a first-rate system at a competitive price. At every stage they gave superior customer service and I highly recommend them to anyone considering solar power.

P. C. Homeowner, Urbana, Illinois

We love the panels. We would be glad to let people see your work and also to tell them what a great crew you have. I was very pleased with how Third Sun coordinated with Classic Roof on our project. The solar array exceeds rated output if the weather is perfect and performs as expected.

N. K. Homeowner, Akron, OH

A professional company that employs installers who are true craftsmen.

M. S. Homeowner, Dublin, Ohio

Third Sun Personnel were knowledgeable, fair and reliable. We are pleased with our solar system.

M. J. Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana

Michelle, Thank You. I am not only pleased with my system (so far and when complete) but also pleased to deal with folks such as Geoff and yourself and Ben and Michael… I am pleased that we could find a good common ground that will work for 3rd Sun and my family. I look forward to wearing my 3rd sun shirt with pride.

M. C. Homeowner, Felicity, Ohio

Geoff, Thanks for your very nice e-mail and for all of your first-rate work in OH. I send everybody I can your way. I know they will be treated right.

M. B. Bergey Windpower, Norman, Oklahoma

I am pleased with my wind-solar hybrid system. The installation crew was extremely professional.

L. P. Homeowner, Huntington, Indiana

Third Sun Solar went the extra mile to find government grant money for our project without which, I would still be lighting with candles! Every step of the way they were friendly and informative. The installation crew was amazing, working long hours to complete the job with lightning speed and technical savvy.

L. M. Homeowner, Pomeroy, OH

Third Sun Solar was very easy to work with, and did a wonderful job of coordinating with the many partners in our collaborative effort to put up a photovoltaic array at our local high school. Geoff was great about suggesting ways that we could cut costs to work within our budget. I especially appreciated the way the Third Sun crew worked with our high school student volunteers.

K. G. – Meadville Energy Project, Pennsylvania

The Solar team was like a precision drill team. They all had their tasks and did them efficiently. They were courteous and their work was neat with minimal clean up needed. They took time to show us things when we had questions. We highly recommend Third Sun – quite impressive Solar Specialists.

J. W. and E. W. Homeowners, Blue Rock, Ohio

Just a note to say thank you for the representative you sent to my house. He was highly informative in the field of solar and wind energy.

They made it easy by helping with the paperwork and grant application. The installation crew was great.

H. W. Homeowner, Athens, OH

Geoff- very nice experience working with you. You always seemed to be on top of things and coordinated very well with all project needs. I would definitely call for future work if it presents itself.

G. M., Messer Construction

Third Sun has assembled a team of bright and dedicated people. The passion for the work they perform is evident.

G. C. Cincinnati Parks, Ohio